Presentation of CEE Capacity building Seminar 20-23 May 2007


Presentation of CEE Capacity building Seminar-
Agriculture, Climate and Development Alternatives- NGO Advocacy
20-23 May 2007

In May 2007, Glopolis organized a 3 days Seminar on Climate, Agriculture and development. This seminar aimed at enhancing capacities of Czech, Hungarian and other CEE civil society organizations to better understand links between economic globalization and sustainable development. The objective was to identify, discuss and synthesize pro-poor and pro-sustainable alternatives and learn how to advocate for alternatives especially among decision-makers. 40 participants attended the workshop: 8 from CEE countries (Hungary, Croatia and Poland), 4 EU-15 NGO experts, and 28 Czech participants (NGOs, farmers association, academia, government officials and political party representatives).

The seminar was divided into two parts. The first part (2 days long) was dedicated to the analysis of current hot issues for development. On day 1, participants focused on the challenges posed by climate change to developing countries and to the possible solutions (adaptation, mitigation). Day 2 focused on the issue of agricultural trade and development and tried to point at the common challenges faced by farmers in the North and in the South of the planet. For each thematic, Glopolis presented a briefing paper summarizing key issues and ways towards alternatives. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion and a workshop. CEE participants got insights from experienced staff of very active NGOs at the European level:
Charly Poppe (Friends of the Earth Europe-FOEE, Seattle to Brussels Network),
Mariano Iossa (Action Aid, Brussels, Stop EPAs campaign),
Alexandra Strickner (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Vienna, Our
World is Not for Sale),
Peter Wahl (World Economy, Enviroment and Development, Berlin, European Network for a Currency Transfer Tax),

You can find here
The full program of this seminar
A briefing paper on Agriculture and Development-Towards Alternatives (EN/CZ)
A briefing paper on Climate Change and Development-Towards Alternatives (EN/CZ)
A presentation on Trade, Climate Change and Development from FOEE (EN)
A presentation on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAS) from ActionAid (EN)
Pictures of the seminar

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