Conflicting Principles of Fair Trade


Zsolt Boda
Conflicting Principles of Fair Trade*

From the Abstract:

"This paper concerns the interpretations of the concept of fair or equitable trade; a concept which gained some currency and political support in the 1970s and which seemed to disappear in the wave of trade liberalization. However, recently the free trade dogma, being a constitutive element of economic globalization, has been thoroughly scrutinized and criticised by the globalization critics; and the concept of fair trade has been reintroduced in both academic and political discourse. This paper intends to give a historic overview, as well as an analytic account of fair trade concepts..."

*Published in Business Ethics Papers, No. 3, Business Ethics Center, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, January 2000


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Free trade as fair trade
Fair trade as equitable trade or the difference principle
To each his own
Intergenerational justice

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