Democratic processes

Karat Coalition


KARAT is a regional coalition of organizations and individuals that works to ensure gender equality in the CEE/CIS countries, monitors the implementation of international agreements and lobbies for the needs and concerns of women in the region at all levels of decision-making fora.
KARAT COALITION has the following objectives:

1. Promote gender-responsive policy, decision-making and alignment of national policy and legislation in all countries in the Region with international standards and agreements.
2. Contribute to the stability and peace in the Region.  Read more »



Nem a hatalmat akarjuk megragadni, hanem az emberek képzeletét.

A Védegylet jelszavában ott a felismerés, hogy remélni csak azt lehet, amit el is tudunk képzelni. Azt szeretnénk, ha élhetõ várost és vidéket teremtenénk és hagynánk utódainkra. Ehhez javaslatokat, terveket készítünk, de ha kell, támogatjuk a helyi közösségek fellépését a természeti és kulturális örökségünk védelmében, és a jogukban, hogy az õket közvetlenül érintõdöntésekrõl információt kapjanak, azokba beleszólhassanak.  Read more »


WTO’s Renewed Attack on Food Sovereignty


by Sonny Africa

The Doha Development Agenda (DDA):
Destroying Third World agriculture
Decades of eroding Third World agriculture
State of play on agricultural proposals
US agricultural interests
Third World agriculture with the Doha Round AoA
Abbreviation and Definition of Terms
Endnotes  Read more »

The green box a black box...


The green box a black box which hides the gold box

by Jacques Berthelot, Solidarité
December 9, 2005

Interview with Gábor Scheiring in the Liberty Tree Journal


American political culture has been always more influenced by a deep commitment to democratic processes and pluralism than to do that. I don’t believe in once and for all global solutions. And of course it is hard to tell you inside the mouth of the lion what you should do from the other part of the world  I’ve never been to the US. But you should definitely do something about “Mr.Bush”, make him understand, that this is a plural world on the edge of a social and environmental catastrophe.  Read more »


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Which way now?

Globfeszt II was the third of Protect the Future’s ’-feszts’, following the
Ökofeszt in 2OO5 and the Globfeszt in 2OO6. This was a cultural political
event, drawing together NGO’s activities, the arts and ’entertainment’,
to create a public face for a critical and involving, vibrant politics.  Read more »