WTO’s Renewed Attack on Food Sovereignty


by Sonny Africa

The Doha Development Agenda (DDA):
Destroying Third World agriculture
Decades of eroding Third World agriculture
State of play on agricultural proposals
US agricultural interests
Third World agriculture with the Doha Round AoA
Abbreviation and Definition of Terms
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The green box a black box...


The green box a black box which hides the gold box

by Jacques Berthelot, Solidarité
December 9, 2005

Down the plughole


Why bringing water into WTO services negotiations
would unleash a development disaster.

Interview with Gábor Scheiring in the Liberty Tree Journal


American political culture has been always more influenced by a deep commitment to democratic processes and pluralism than to do that. I don’t believe in once and for all global solutions. And of course it is hard to tell you inside the mouth of the lion what you should do from the other part of the world  I’ve never been to the US. But you should definitely do something about “Mr.Bush”, make him understand, that this is a plural world on the edge of a social and environmental catastrophe.  Read more »

Right to food and Food Security Voluntary guidelines


Right to food and Food Security Voluntary guidelines to support the realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security. (FAO)
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"PSIRU researches the privatisation and restructuring of public services around the world, with special focus on water, energy, waste management, and healthcare."

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Links to various readings on Public Goods


Liberalisation of the public services and the GATS Agreement


Position paper of Védegylet - Protect the Future

"The GATS and the liberalisation of the public services are issues affecting everyone, at the same time most of us know almost nothing about them. That is why our principal aim is to raise attention and launch a social dialogue in Hungary, involving all stakeholders, taking into account the ecological and social principles of sustainability. We must examine the role of public services in a sustainable society and assess the impact of the GATS Agreement.  Read more »

Global Environmental Commons and the Need for Ethics


Zsolt Boda:

Global Environmental Commons and the Need for Ethics*

"An important, although very controversial, development has occurred in the past decade about how to manage the global environmental commons. According to this approach, the “tragedy of the global commons” should be avoided through the extensive use of market-based instruments, and the privatisation of the commons. This paper examines some aspects of this phenomenon and argues that an economics approach to the commons should be subordinated to a genuinely ethical one. In this approach the concept of the commons does not signify simply an area where the coordination mechanism of the market is somehow imperfect, but have an intrinsically normative content."

*Published in Society and Economy, Vol. 25, No. 2, 2003, pp.213-224.  Read more »

Conflicting Principles of Fair Trade


Zsolt Boda
Conflicting Principles of Fair Trade*

From the Abstract:

"This paper concerns the interpretations of the concept of fair or equitable trade; a concept which gained some currency and political support in the 1970s and which seemed to disappear in the wave of trade liberalization. However, recently the free trade dogma, being a constitutive element of economic globalization, has been thoroughly scrutinized and criticised by the globalization critics; and the concept of fair trade has been reintroduced in both academic and political discourse. This paper intends to give a historic overview, as well as an analytic account of fair trade concepts..."

*Published in Business Ethics Papers, No. 3, Business Ethics Center, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, January 2000  Read more »