CEE Summer School, Hungary, Summer 2008


For reasons outlined elsewhere in the report, the Summer School was organised in Hungary, from 16th to the 20th of July, taking place in Horány camp near to Budapest.

The main themes of the camp were:  Read more »

  • Agriculture and Development
  • Climate Justice
  • Solidarity and Economy.
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Summer University

07/16/2008 - 16:00
07/20/2008 - 15:00

Ever heard the word ’development’?
Ever wondered just what this means – who is doing the ’developing’, and who is being ’developed’?
Do you wonder if all this development is actually going in the right direction?
Perhaps you’re already asking these questions, and are already making your opinion heard?
Perhaps you want to have a say in this?
Our ’Summer University on Development – making a more liveable world’ is what you are looking for!

Summer University on Development, Participation and Active Citizenship
16-20, July 2008
Szentendrei Island, Hungary  Read more »

The State and Challenges of International Development


The State and Challenges of International Development
Gábor Scheiring
April 2008

Musing on the situation of international development politics at the dawn of the 21st century, one has to ask the question whether the development path followed in the past decades has actually taken present and future generations closer to the fulfilment of their human rights and the creative unfolding of their freedom. How sustainable and just is the global order that came as the result of development following the Second World War? And if we find that the inequalities characterising today’s world are obscene , and the extent of the exploitation of the ecosystem is insane, what development policies shall we envision? This present study seeks the answer to that question. First, we have to identify the major challenges that international development faces, then we have to examine whether the development approaches applied so far are capable of giving appropriate answers to these. By drawing the conclusions of the theoretical overview, we can identify the major underlying causes, and we can sketch an alternative vision for the future. The study closes with the outline of the public policies needed to fulfill that vision.  Read more »

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We are promoting a development that aims to reach a sustainable, just and fair world where basic human needs are provided for all and where hunger and excessive poverty no longer exist. The globalized world we would like to see respects human rights and maintains the participation of everyday people in decision-making. It rediscovers the value of local contexts and redifines the role of uncontrollable transnational institutions and companies, aiming at an equal and just world where not only the possibility but also the means are given to all to reach quality lives. Read more